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Cardi B Says She and Offset Are "Broken Up"

Cardi B announced her split with Offset on Instagram last night.
Kristin Corry
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Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn Join Up Again for New Song "Bad Dreams"

The poppy track comes from 'Apart,' the upcoming EP from the duo, who last released music together in 2009.
Lauren O'Neill
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G.L.O.S.S. Have Announced They Are Breaking Up

“The punk we care about isn’t supposed to be about getting big or becoming famous, it’s supposed to be about challenging ourselves and each other to be better people.”
Noisey Staff
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Pour One Out for Indie Music, The Maccabees Have Broken Up

Remember when you didn't mind so much if the names of your favourite band members were Hugo, Orlando, Felix and Rupert?
Noisey Staff
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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Are Being Petty Online and Literally Who Cares but We Know You All Care and Here Are All the Angles You Will Performatively Care Over the Next 24 Hours

How will you choose to get Mad Online?
Noisey Staff
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Experimental Pop Duo Majical Cloudz Calls It Quits

"We both feel it to be the completion of something very positive."
Craig Jenkins

Veruca Salt Are Reunited and Seething Like Never Before with Their Strongest Record Yet

After fifteen years of painful silence, the alternative rock band Veruca Salt have reunited in their original form to deliver the mighty 'Ghost Notes.'
Bryn Lovitt
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We Read One Direction’s 2015 Annual and Discovered a Band in Breakdown

Entering the band's christmas book as evidence they won't make it to 2016.
Aimee Cliff

A Eulogy for The Mars Volta

The Mars Volta broke up. We got Patrick McGuire, who for whatever reason loved them in high school, and probably still does, to write them a farewell letter.