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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Faithfully Cover David Bowie's "Oh, You Pretty Things"

Recorded for a Sirius XMU session, it stays true to the original, right down to the apocalyptic undertones.
Alex Robert Ross
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Here's an Inexplicably Long Video About the Weird New Bowie Statue

The Starman's been immortalised in the English town of Aylesbury, where he debuted his Ziggy Stardust alter ego onstage.
Noisey UK Staff

Young Thug Is Glam Rock

Glam rock tended to get at sociopolitical issues in a circuitous way, rather than through overt, topical songwriting. Sound like anyone you know?
Paul Thompson
New music

Harry Styles Is Brooding on New Track "Sweet Creature," Because He Broods Now, OK?

It's an acoustic guitar-led, Fleetwood Mac-influenced love-in.
Lauren O'Neill
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Jimmy Fallon Does Good Bowie Impression, Brings In Nile Rodgers and Harry Styles for Live “Let’s Dance”

The Chic legend and former One Direction star helped Fallon with the coast-to-coast live intro.
Alex Robert Ross
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Listen To "No Plan," One of David Bowie's Three Last Recordings

Recorded with the Blackstar band, it features on 'Lazarus Cast Album,' out October 21.
Alex Robert Ross
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Watch an Official Animated Video for David Bowie's "I Can't Give Everything Away"

Oh, Bowie. To hear your voice once more, it sounds like magic.
Noisey Staff
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David Bowie's Will and Burial has Been Detailed

His ashes have been scattered in Bali.
John Hill

Bowie Influenced Heavy Metal's Style and Asethetic Without Even Trying

Bowie was the patron saint of outsiders.

David Bowie's Spirit of Transgression Made Him Metal Before Metal Existed

Whether directly or indirectly, his influence can be felt across every generation of heavy music makers, from Hawkwind to Behemoth.
Jamie Ludwig
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Watch Hundreds of People Dance in the Streets of David Bowie's Hometown in Tribute

It’s a strange thing when sadness turns into a party – the air was as full of confused tears as it was the sound of bottles clinking and crackly sound-systems blaring “Let’s Dance.”
Angus Harrison

PREMIERE: Get Weird with Psychic Love's Surreal Video for "Nancy"

Inspired by true crime shows, the LA dream grunge project is serving Nancy Sinatra meets David Bowie meets a restraining order.
Andrea Domanick