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This Is What Aphex Twin's Hell-Born Children Look Like Now, Feel Old Yet?

The image accompanies "T69 Collapse," the first single from Aphex Twin's forthcoming 'Collapse' EP.
Alex Robert Ross
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Listen to BBC Radio's New Aphex Twin Documentary

John Doran's 'The Cult of Aphex Twin' probes at the mysterious career of a unique artist.
Alex Robert Ross
My Favorite Soundtrack

The ‘Pi’ Soundtrack Is Still a Classic Darren Aronofsky Sonic Headfuck

Twenty years on, the number-obsessed movie has just as powerful a musical mix of the intelligent and the insane.
Kyle MacNeill
Internet Exploring

Björk and Aphex Twin Still Hang Out Over Email, Share Songs "All the Time"

A new interview with Björk done by Red Bull Music Academy is as fascinating and delightful as ever.
Phil Witmer
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Do These Studio Videos Prove That Justin Bieber Is the Next Aphex Twin?

Who knew that a Canadian pop star would revive IDM?
Phil Witmer
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Listen to a Typically Trippy New Aphex Twin Song, ‘tnodvood104’

Richard D. James has cryptically shared the track via Soundcloud.
Lauren O'Neill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Aphex Twin Releases His First Music Video in 17 Years, Directed by a 12-Year-Old

And Ryan Wyer, a preteen from Dublin, adds another masterpiece to his oeuvre.
Noisey Staff
the worst things of all time

Please, for the Love of God, Stop with All These Shitty Mashups

Like a joke told so many times that the joker is crimson in face, frothing at the mouth, and being restrained by the authorities, the mashup has reached peak overkill.
Daisy Jones

Ambient Music Isn’t Boring, It Changed My Life

The sound of Brian Eno, William Basinski and Fennesz helped me find calm between crippling anxiety and debilitating panic attacks.
Ryan Bassil
Holy Shit

Aphex Twin Just Released Two Brand New Songs

AFX is back, as acidic as ever.
John Hill
Holy Shit

Damn, Aphex Twin Keeps Putting Out New Music, This Time Under His Newly Revived Alias AFX

Listen to "Serge Fenix Rendered 2" and get ready for 'Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008,' the first AFX release in nearly a decade.
Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta

Skrillex Goes to Space

Skrillex is launching a satellite, so we talked to him about the final frontier.
Kyle Kramer