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The 2017 Music Issue

Dave Is Not Normal

The 19-year-old London MC is an accomplished pianist who's already caught the attention of Drake, but he's not really concerned with any of that.
Joe Zadeh

How Bjork Created a Virtual Version of Herself to Deal With the Pain of ‘Vulnicura’

A conversation with the Icelandic artist about moving on, both emotionally and technologically.
Joe Zadeh
we saw this

On the Frontline of Ibiza’s Grime Invasion

For years, grime MCs would reject the super clubs of Ibiza in favor of livelier gigs in Ayia Napa. Suddenly all of that has changed, so we headed out to the Balearic Islands to find out why.
Joe Zadeh

A Pure Conversation with Paul McCartney

Is there anything you can ask Sir Paul that he hasn’t been asked a million times? I was about to find out.
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Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch James Blake Perform "Radio Silence" on Jools Holland, and Find Your Inner Zen

Maybe we need to start heralding him as one of those "best of a generation" types, because this is pretty damn beautiful.
Joe Zadeh
Holy Shit

Whoa! Here's Rare Footage of Kendrick Lamar Performing Live with Prince

We all knew Prince and Kendrick were close, but we didn't know they'd jammed together in front of a live audience.
Joe Zadeh

Let Us Guide You into Skepta's 'Konnichiwa' with a Brand New Track

He's released a new track called "Man (Gang)," updated "Ladies Hit Squad" on iTunes, and released a tracklist that includes features from Pharrell, Wiley, Chip, and Novelist.
Joe Zadeh

A Guy in Our Office Predicted the Kanye West Album Title, 'The Life of Pablo,' Two Days Ago

Give Mitch his pair of Yeezys!!!!!!
Joe Zadeh

Wait a Minute, Why Is Tyler the Creator Banned from the UK If Donald Trump Isn't?

What’s worse? Fictional lyrics written under an alter ego when you’re eighteen? Or an ongoing verbal assault conducted on a world stage consisting of hate, racism, sexism, and prejudice?
Joe Zadeh
Internet Exploring

The Half-Brother of Making a Murderer's Brendan Dassey Has Released a Protest Rap Track

Because all major news events need a rap track.
Joe Zadeh

One of the Most Killer Grime Tracks of 2015 Now Has a Video, Here's AJ Tracey's "Naila"

A searing vocal over a Zeph Ellis beat, that will leave your face feeling firmly slapped.
Joe Zadeh
Holy Shit

Lady Leshurr's Fifth and Final "Queen's Speech" Is Here, and It's Sizzling

"Your lips look like crizzpy bacon!"
Joe Zadeh