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Patti Smith Is Still an Untouchable Icon

Even when she's covering U2, as she did at a London gig over the weekend.
Hannah Ewens
Noisey Roundtable

Here's a Passionate “Thong Song” Roundtable for Sisqo's 40th Birthday

Pls everyone, let's gather round and discuss the world's most extra song about some pants.
Daisy Jones
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
Joel Golby
Hannah Ewens
Remembering Things

‘Jennifer’s Body’ Captured Myspace-Emo Camp in All Its Glory

Diablo Cody’s underrated cult classic turns nine this week – we look back on how it juggled bisexuality, desire and early 2000s mainstream emo.
Hannah Ewens
Remembering Things

Revisiting The Distillers’ Intense Punk Masterpiece 15 Years On

'Coral Fang' is one of the '00s best albums: born from the rage and torment of one relationship ending, and the lust and fire of a new one.
Hannah Ewens
First Dates

A First Date in a (Sort of) Boat with Paramore’s Zac Farro

I, a massive Paramore fan, got into a fake boat in a restaurant and drank cocktails with the drummer and man behind HALFNOISE.
Hannah Ewens
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The ‘Joanne’ Album Has Forever Changed Lady Gaga’s Live Show

As she kicks off her rescheduled European tour, it's clear that Gaga 1.0 is gone for good.
Hannah Ewens
first date

I Went On a Really Creepy First Date with Lynn Gunn from PVRIS

How’re haunted church ruins and a Victorian operating theatre for romance?
Hannah Ewens
Fandom Week

Quit Making Fun of Teen Girl Fans, They Probably Think You’re Lame

Here’s what fangirls think about you, you boring old bastards.
Hannah Ewens
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

The Dark and Lonely World of Performance Anxiety

It affects 75 percent of musicians, contributes to drug addiction and alcoholism, and can end careers. Why aren't more people talking about performance anxiety?
Hannah Ewens
First Dates

I Went on a Date with Andrew WK, the Party God, and We Mostly Talked About Depression

He’s not actual Christ, of course. But maybe, just maybe, I went out with the messiah.
Hannah Ewens
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I Spent the Day with Only One Direction, the Most Popular Tribute Band in the World

There is a parallel universe where Zayn Malik lives on.
Hannah Ewens
punk in love

Rolo Tomassi Have Been Subverting the Conventions of Heavy Music for a Decade, Largely Unnoticed

Eva Spence may be out the front, emptying her lungs to thousands of people, but she's maintained a low profile since joining the band at just 14 years old.
Hannah Ewens