Cameron Cook

Remembering Things

Missy Elliott Changed the Future on 'Supa Dupa Fly'

In one instant, Missy Elliott gave us permission to be weird, left-of-center, and downright funny, all without an ounce of gimmickry or novelty.
Cameron Cook

CupcakKe's Raunchy Raps Make Her an Unprecedented Pop Icon

The same person can work at ending police brutality while extolling the virtues of really good dick.
Cameron Cook

Morrissey, We're Through

In the wake of Moz's James Baldwin T-shirt debacle, this long-term Smiths fan wonders if it's finally time to break up with his hero.
Cameron Cook

Elbow Are Trying to Make Sense of a Senseless World

Amidst Brexit, Trump, and their drummer of 20 years walking out the door, Elbow have created a lifeboat record. We talked to singer Guy Garvey the day of Trump's inauguration.
Cameron Cook
Noisey 2016

2016 Was a Great Year for Rock That Made It Feel Like the 70s Again

Bands like Weyes Blood, Drugdealer, and The Lemon Twigs made albums that mined the past without pandering to nostalgia.
Cameron Cook

James Franco Gets What He Wants and This Time He's Daddy

The latest offering from the prolific Mr. Franco is an indie rock record and visual LP in collaboration with Tim O'Keefe. But are we buying what this polymath's saying now?
Cameron Cook
Behind The Lens

Danny Fields Is the Music Industry Wild Man You’ve Never Heard Of

He devastated The Beatles with a headline, gave the world the Ramones, and caused mischief throughout the 60s and 70s. With Danny it was always right place, right time, all the time.
Cameron Cook