Watch the Velveteins' "Don't Yah Feel Better" Video and Believe in the Power of Simplicity

This song is so charming it's actually extremely upsetting.

Jan 12 2017, 4:00pm

Edmonton rockers the Velveteins have released a new video for their unfairly catchy song "Don't Yah Feel Better." Borrowing from the song's ramshackle charm, the video is a similarly scrapped-together affair with paper-cut visuals that are a throwback to the mid-00s, the last time such simply affecting rock songs were a big deal.

"The song itself is simple and carefree so I didn't want to create anything with a complex storyline or narrative," says the video's director Evangeline Belzile. "I had been interested in using a green screen to cut out specific body parts for a while and had also been interested in altering 16mm film. When the band asked me to create a visual component for 'Don't Yah Feel Better?', I knew that pairing the two would compliment their aesthetic." Watch the video below.

Photo courtesy of the artist.

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