Get Into The Awkward Uber Ride That Is City Fidelia's Video For "Lately"

Real shots of Hennessy were actually taken during the making of this video.

Nov 10 2016, 6:04pm

Being drunk in an Uber is just a part of life in any major city, but Ottawa-raised & Toronto-based City Fidelia finds deeper meaning in it for his latest video "Lately."  The first single from his project FreeDumb, "Lately" is an ode to the late night thoughts we'd prefer to sooner forget. The guitar-driven and bass-heavy track finds the rapper hopping into a ride with a revolving cast of random passengers, making for a few awkward encounters and even more self-reflection.  "It's a metaphor for life; people come in and out of our lives and we all cope with that differently," says City. We follow him as he stumbles out of the into a condo party already on full tilt without him. Distracted by his own stress, he does what any self-respecting 20-something would do: drink until they pass out and wake up the next morning in the same clothes.

"We stuck with the phrase I been kinda fucked up because it's the only way you can really explain that feeling of the dark moments in life." The real-life Hennessy shots he took didn't hurt either. "I'm actually surprised that I was still responsive throughout the video." Watch the video below.

Sajae Elder is a writer based in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter.