ShaqIsDope Takes Us Through a Toronto Hood on “For the Streets”

“This one for the streets.”

Oct 18 2016, 1:34pm

The best lyrics in rap tell a story—one with a struggle for survival toward some sense of morality, even if those morals are gray. Premiered on Noisey Radio, Toronto's ShaqIsDope dropped "For the Streets," a promo single to support his forthcoming ShaqIsDope EP, and the lesson is clear: fight for what you have. ShaqIsDope keeps the exact details sparse in his intricate bars, but we get a sense of his life over a horn-laced production by Jay 808. The rapper says "I ain't condonin' the violence but grew up with people who are," and he warns "back up off me before I catch a cold case."

"When I first heard the beat it automatically reminded me of my neighborhood," ShaqIsDope said about the track. "I wanted to take listeners on a ride without actually telling a whole story. My main focus was to make them feel the same vibe I get when walking in the streets." Listen to "For the Streets" below:

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