Stream Like Pacific's Overpowering Pop Punk Breakout Album "Distant Like You Asked"

The Toronto pop punk five piece drops their first full length album.

Image courtesy of band

After putting out EPs independently, and more recently a self-titled EP in 2015 through New Damage Records, Toronto punk outfit Like Pacific is finally gearing up to release their first full length this week with Distant Like You Asked. With roots in traditional pop punk, Like Pacific has found their spot in the genre and developed that style throughout the better part of seven years as a band. The aggressive album is littered with Like Pacific's signature brutally vulnerable lyrics and explosive catchy guitars. The vocals have reached a new maturity with hollowing lyrics like "My body's a doormat / there's no welcome here at all." Now exclusively through Noisey, you can listen to the album in it's full before it's release.

"Distant Like You Asked is a cumulative representation of frustrations, anxieties and sadness that occurred over the course of 2015," explained guitarist Greg hall over email. "Heartbreak, loss and void consumes everybody. We want people to relate to this record in a very personal way."

Byron Yan is a writer based in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.