Premiere: Travel to Hawaii in Cafe Lanai's Video for "So"

Pink flowers.

Sep 11 2015, 3:43pm

Cafe Lanai's new video was filmed in Hawaii and definitley not in Canada. Still, it's almost impossible to figure out if those pink flowers are from Toronto or an island, and the coastline could very well be part of Lake Ontario. If the visuals for this happy-go-lucky song seem like they were split between two locales, it's because they were.

"We arrived in Pahoa and kept the cameras rolling. When we came back to Canada there was an obvious divide in the footage, lending naturally to two music videos. Lanai is the suspense of nature and a derangement of our senses. Invariably we change, and "So" is a telling of the other side; the light. Here, you see an intimate look at what this project is for us, an outlet where we can leave our shit at the door and dance."

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