Popcaan's New Video for "Unruly Prayer" Welcomes Summer, Loves Drake, Is 4:20 Minutes Long

Popcaan shouts out the entire OVO crew.

May 15 2015, 3:29pm

Last summer, all anybody with an appreciation for relaxing in the sunshine and smoking weed listened to was Popcaan's debut record Where We Come From. Now, the Jamaican dancehall artist has released a new song and video called "Unruly Prayer," another song perfect for the summertime. The video also features most of OVO's roster—Drake and Oliver in particular—hanging out in the streets with Popcaan, and the final verse is just Popcaan shouting out all of OVO individually. This is cool, we guess? But let's be real: it's also kind of lame, considering Drake's MO these days is to just grab whatever is cool and stamp OVO's name on it, kind of like a streetwear version of Urban Outfitters. We'd sit here and write a thinkpiece about how Popcaan's cultural movement felt more signifcant before Drake read The Fader's story, but "Unruly Prayer" is too soothing for us to care that much. After all, this track is literally 4:20 minutes long.