The Prism Prize Top Ten Canadian Videos of 2014

View the ten best Canadian music videos of the year, as chosen by a jury of media experts.

Feb 18 2014, 3:29pm

The top ten list for The Prism Prize was released today in anticipation of the final winner being crowned on March 23. Since 2012, The Prism Prize has been recognizing modern Canadian music videos. The award is chosen by a jury of over 100 Canadian music and film industry professionals from all forms of media. Past winners include the director of Arcade Fire's "Sprawl II" and the director of Rich Aucoin’s "Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.E". Take a look at the 2014 nominees below:

Anton Corbijn: Arcade Fire - Refleckor

Director X: Drake - Started From The Bottom

Ivan Grbovic: Young Galaxy - New Summer

Emily Kai Bock: Arcade Fire - Afterlife

Emily Kai Bock: Majical Cloudz - Childhood's End

Amos LeBlanc: Keys N Krates - Dum Dee Dum

Kheaven Lewandowski: The Belle Game - River

Mark Ricciardelli: Hollerado - So It Goes

Lee Skinner: Jessy Lanza - Kathy Lee

The official winner with be crowned on March 23rd.