Share a Creepy Cabin with the Flatliners in Their Video for "Birds of England"

Canadian punk rock meets 'Evil Dead'.

Noisey Staff

Noisey Staff

Photo by Gilda Louise Aloisi.

What you should take away from the Flatliners' new video for "Birds of England" is: You should never, ever share a cabin with those dudes. Sorry, but they give off a creepy Evil Dead vibe with all their weird science experiments and amateur taxidermy. No one wants to wake up next to their roommate stuffing a bird. Unless “stuffing a bird” is some kind of goofy British slang for getting biz-zay with a lady. Speaking of Brits, the Flatliners wrote this song about a UK tour they did and never wanted to go home. They didn’t film the video in England though because, well, here, let them explain…

“Ever since seeing Wayne’s World 2, we’ve realized that it’s far too expensive to fly all the way to England just to film something. So we decided to shoot the thing in Big Bear at a creepy little cabin in the woods with our good friends Jeff Powers and Ben McCambridge. We’ll leave it up to interpretation whether or not there’s a heavy drug trip going on, or if each of us simply lost our minds from serious seclusion.”

Totally. There are tons of life lessons to be learned from Wayne’s World 2, which obviously is not as good as the original but still has some great lines. (Calgon...ancient Chinese secret, huh?) “Birds of England" is off of last year’s Dead Language which is out via Fat Wreck in the States and New Damage in Canada. So pick it up or they’ll have to beat you to death with your own shoes.

Also, the Flatliners are on tour soon:

3/29/14: Winnipeg, MB Canada, JUNOFEST w/ Teenage Kicks
5/16-5/17/14: Montreal, QC Canada, Pouzza Fest
5/18/14: Dover, NH, Sonny's Tavern w/ Junior Battles
5/20/14: Pittsburgh, PA, The Smiling Moose w/ Direct Hit!, Junior Battles
5/21/14: Cleveland, OH, Grog Shop w/ Direct Hit!, Junior Battles
5/22/14: Chicago, IL, Bottom Lounge w/ Direct Hit!, Junior Battles
5/23/14: Milwaukee, WI, Metal Grill w/ Direct Hit!, Junior Battles
5/24/14: Howell, MI, Bled Fest
5/24/14: Howell, MI, Hartland Performing Arts Center, BLED FEST w/ Title Fight
6/13/14: St. John's, NF Canada, Rockhouse
8/15/14: Hasselt, Belgium, Pukkelpop Festival