Premiere: VNCHY Wants You to Reach "Godlevel"

Listen to what it would sound like if Yo Gotti was raised in Canada's capital city.

Jan 27 2015, 5:20pm

Ottawa is known for being Canada's capital, but not much else. Though there are a flurry of talented artists who have come out of Canada's sleepy political and academic hideaway, most have achieved success as a result of moving West to Toronto or East to Montreal, where the music scenes are vastly superior to those in Ottawa. One artist who has touched Canada's capital is VNCHY, who finds himself in Ottawa after coming moving there from Montreal. Today, he releases a new song titled "Godlevel" with which he hopes to change the way you think about people from Ottawa.

The track is a slow and murky quest through drums amd snares, the minimal beat creating a background for VNCHY to deliver his gravelled lyrics about the struggle of making it in music. The song sounds more like a track from Yo Gotti than Arcade Fire, continuing the trend of Canadian hip-hop being known more for its lack of regional sound than the presence of one.