Listen to Hannah Lucia's Silky New Single "Don't Hold Out "

The rising London-born, Brooklyn-based singer drops her third track of dreamily downtempo R&B.

Oct 20 2015, 12:55pm

Meet Hannah Lucia—a London-born songstress who moved to Brooklyn in her teens. Thus far she's dropped a couple of tracks including "Lights Out," a slick, sensual cut of R&B-pop that makes no bones about its raunch factor. (FYI, it was also produced by Ben Bronfman after they met when she was waiting tables).

"Don't Hold Out" slows stuff down and finds Hannah Lucia sounding at once vulnerable and extremely certain as beats bubble up and synth chords swaddle and surround and fall away.

"I normally write quite melancholic songs, but wanted to try to be more positive in the hope that my feelings would be reciprocated by the object of my affections," explains the singers, before quoting a line from the song, "'Anything you want in the world / Everything you want you deserve.' Yes I do thanks very much."

Get it girl.