Watch Toronto punks HSY's New Video, "Milk Chug"

A song almost too sludgy for words.

Aug 19 2013, 5:38pm

When describing punk of a sludgier timbre, I'm immediately drawn to my thesaurus, because tracks like "Milk Chug" from rising Toronto outfit HSY deserves descriptors beyond the played out "dark, gritty, intense" register. Thus, here's a pile of words I think collectively evoke this song's listening experience better than any explicative sentence. (Shout my boys Merriam and Webster.)

Carrion, contamination, corruption, defilement, dregs, filthiness, foul matter, impurity, manure, mire, muck, nastiness, ordure, putrefaction, putrescence, refuse, rottenness, sediment,
silt, slime, uncleanness.

Have a nice day.