Kali Uchis Returns to Her Colombian Roots in the Gorgeous Self-Directed Video for "Ridin Round"

The DJ Dahi produced track is a delectable, smoked-out concoction.

Nov 3 2015, 2:31pm

Shot in Kali's home country, Colombia, the co-self-directed video for "Ridin Round" gives a colourful snapshot of Colombia that's pretty different to what you might have seen on TV. In Kali's world we see packs of teenagers cruising around on motorbikes, grocery stores packed with sugared treats, girls braiding each others hair on the street, and the back-lit nightclub.

"I wanted to highlight where I'm from (in Colombia), my culture, and real people," says Kali. "There are no actors, the family in the video is my family. We filmed the parade on the street I used to live on when I was little."

Produced by the prolific DJ Dahi—who's worked with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Travis Scott—"Ridin Round" is a perfect exemplar of the artist Kali Uchis, mixing elements of soul, R&B, and reggae, into a delectable, smoked-out concoction.

Watch below: