Premiere: Stream 'July First', the Minimalist Post-Punk EP from Moss Lime

Montreal punk band Moss Lime dropped an EP in the same month they became a band. Listen to it now.

Steven Viney

Photo by Collette Raess

Montreal post-punk band, Moss Lime, comprised of step-sisters Helene Barbier and Charlotte Bonamour, and Caitlin Pinder-Doede, have the type of backstory that indie lore is made of. They only learned how to play their instruments this summer through a couple “how to play your instrument” videos, somehow wrote four songs during that same time span, and were forced to disbanded because of visa issues. Pretty epic stuff. However, just before their ill timed separation, the group recorded a five-song EP that marries the influences of The Raincoats with Vaselines and the Shaggs. The project was quickly picked up by Fixture Records for release. Thankfully, Moss Lime are now on temporary stay visas to play EP release shows, and through their hard work, they've have supplied their debut EP, July First, featuring four minimalist post-punk tracks and one very fresh interpretation of the Eurotrashy anthem "Calabria", set to be released on cassette November 4th through Fixture with an official release party taking place on October 29th in Montreal.

Listen to the Noisey exclusive stream of the EP below with an interview after the jump.

Noisey: How did Moss Lime come into existence?
We’re three friends who were usually jazzed up about the same music and were going to a lot of shows together. We sort of just knew we would be a good fit musically but didn’t know how to really play anything. So we started to watch YouTube tutorials and practice with karaoke.

One day in June, Caitlin and Helene were playing in their living room and Charlotte dropped by one day and was into what we were playing. She wanted to join us so she picked up the guitar lying near the couch and we started. We didn’t really ever talk about it, it just happened.

Why the name Moss Lime?
We were really into the band CROSSS, and after seeing them play one night, we were like, “lets make a name that rhymes with cross”, so we just said Moss. Also, a couple of years ago, Helene and Caitlin went to Mexico together and ate a ton of limes so we just decided to call it Moss Lime.

Who are your major influences?
Usually bands we see a lot at shows like CROSSS, Each Other, Freelove Fenner, SUUNS, but also Schoolboy Q, Beyonce, Shakira, Coolio, La Femme, the Drums, Grass Widow…

The songs have that great feeling of amateur punk a lot like early Vaselines/The Raincoats/The Shaggs? Was that intentional?
No, it wasn’t intentional, we do know those bands, but it just came out like that because of our inexperience playing. We were actually aiming more for a surf, tropical, dance music feel.

Why the “Calabria” song?
We just really like the melody and vibe of that "Calabria" song, Also, Natasja, the original singer, died right before it became a famous song, so it’s also a sort of homage.

How did Fixture get in touch with you?
Tessa and Connor from Fixture came to see us play at Brasserie Beaubien with Peter and Caitlin from Freelove Fenner [the EP was recorded at Peter’s Bottle Garden studio]. And they just said they were interested in releasing it. We never thought they would want to release our songs, so it was a very cool surprise.

What’s in store for Moss Lime now because I understand you have visa troubles. Is Moss Lime over?
Helene and Charlotte both have visa problems, so they will be leaving permanently. We’d like to meet again in January though nothing is certain yet. But we’ve already planned to meet in Europe this Spring to practice a lot and write some new songs, and then hopefully we can set up a small European tour.

Catch Moss Lime at their EP release party October 29th in Montreal. All members will be present and Pre-order ‘July First’ here

Steven Viney is a writer living in Montreal - @helloximage