Stream Dead Tired's New Self-Titled Album a Week Before the Plebes Hear It

You're better than everyone else you know, and it's time you started listening to music like it!

Mar 11 2015, 3:00pm

George Petit may be on of the busiest men in Canadian rock music. He was one of the most recognizable voices in Canadian music as the vocal-shredding screamer in Alexisonfire who wrote a farewell note to fans saying “I would say this is my retirement from the business of playing music, but that feels too much like famous last words.” Well, he was wrong, because his new band Dead Tired doesn't sound like it was written by a retired musician, but a crazed maniac.

The songs on the album are the perfect soundtrack to break someone's kneecaps to. In fact the best way to describe the band would be to describe the cover art. It sounds like an evil furry gargoyle sitting on the chest of a fainting woman in a flowing gown. For those of you not familiar with imagery, that means it fucking rocks. Listen below and ask yourself what you can do in your life to increase the amount of furry gargoyle in it.