I M U R Explore All Sides of Love, Music, and Coolness on 'Little Death'

The Vancouver trio tackle unconventional sexuality and timeless R&B grooves on their new album.

Mar 23 2017, 2:35pm

The title of Vancouver electronic trio I M U R's album Little Death refers to the loss of consciousness sometimes experienced during an orgasm, and that collision of morbidity and unconventional sexuality is the secret sauce that gives a kick to the seemingly easygoing LP. Not that the group's mastery of varied chill-out dynamics is a detriment; in fact, the soulful bounce of songs like "Bumps" is welcome in an overstuffed indie R&B sphere that often emphasizes empty moodiness. I M U R also nod to early-00s influences in clever ways, from the full-on "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" strut of "Blue Dream" (a duet between singer Jenny Lea and rapper/producer Tee Krispil) to the dramatic "Breathless," subtly recalling Aaliyah's "I Refuse" in its slow burn.

"Lyrically, [this album] is transparent, broaching subjects such as non-traditional relationship and sexual dynamics, and the fine line between self-consciousness and self-awareness," the band tells Noisey. "There's a certain strength that comes with vulnerability, and we feel authenticity comes from creating something genuine, honest, and real." Stream Little Death in its entirety below.

Photo by Skimchi.
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