Nicholas Nicholas Is Praying That We Can Be Chill with Ourselves on Silky New Song "Sport"

The Brooklynite's premiere track from his upcoming record has us feeling some kind of way.

Photo courtesy of the artist

Last August, Brooklyn's Chris Masullo—aka Nicholas Nicholas—made a brief return with two luminous, sun-swept singles titled "Because of a Fire at the Paper Manufacturer/Call Me Number Five." Just recently, Masullo reunited with New York collective Phantom Posse —the DIY supergroup featuring ILoveMakonnen—for their latest album Be True. He is mostly known for making gloomy outsider pop with a monotone delivery reminiscent of John Maus at times. The introspective wanderer pensively recalls his wildest dreams in songs caught in a perpetual overcast of heartbreak and self-doubt; maintaining a level of earnestness even when trapped in a hopeless place.

Nicholas Nicholas hasn't had a proper release since 2014's 
Wrong, but now Masullo is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming album titled About Town. The first single from the album is titled "Sports," a harmonizing new-wave jam with silky guitars purling over subtle drums and patches of lush feedback. Masullo's lyrics hit like a fragrant whisper as he says "Be careful playing sport/they will watch till you get hurt/leave all your lights on through the night/you're going to wake up blind," a lucid warning the pitched-down crooner instills as a reminder to stay focused, amidst the juggling act of trying to push your dreams forward, without falling completely off the edge.

"'Sport' is a prayer of sorts for our common bonds, specifically the nuanced ways in which we render our lives manageable," says Masullo. "Much of what we engage in is superfluous to or a distraction from a more puzzling core. At the same time, I get the sense that this is the nature of the human—to dream itself into consciousness. The song and the rest of the album is a prayer in the name of safety and health for all of us while we toe this line." About Town comes out on November 18th via Chill Mega Chill Records.

Listen to  the track and check out the tracklisting for About Town below:

About Town tracklist:

1. Riddlecreek 
2. Texas Architecture 
3. Sport
4. Throw The Rope 
5. Molly At The Metal Show 
6. The Furnace 
7. Medallion 
8. Autumn County Fair 
9. Taking You To The Town (Photo Lab) 
10. Gold Floor

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