Melted Toys' "Observations" Makes You Feel Like You're Underwater and Dreaming

Summer is here, so let's go swimming.

Credit: Blob Oliver

I've realized lately that there are a lot of songs that make you feel like you are floating on water. Seriously. Every single Washed Out song makes you feel like drifiting away in a swimming pool, sittting on one of those blow-up doughnut things. Songs like this often come at this time of year—tracks meant for long drives to the beach, rooftop parties, and all of the other awesomely cliche things you can think of Instagramming Valenica-style in the summer. Melted Toys' new single "Observations," which Noisey is premiering below, is not only a summer jam, but it also sounds like you are actually underwater. It's the perfect song to listen to while lying on your back in a swimming pool, letting the water plug and unplug your ears. Coincidentally, Melted Toys are signed to Underwater People's Record. It. All. Makes. Sense. Anyway, the band's debut self-titled record drops July 15, so we'll have our swimsuits ready then.