A New Comp of 70s Underground Rock Tells Tales of Dope Fiends and Bad Trips

‘Acid Nightmares’ is a double album that documents the creeping existential dread of the 70s hard rock scene.

Aug 14 2017, 4:36pm

By the mid-70s the hippie movement was looking pretty sick. The free love mantra was getting tired as flights of dead were returning from Vietnam, the Manson and Altamont murders had people freaked, and harder drugs meant that Haight-Ashbury was now full of burnouts and petty criminals. The music scene was also getting darker, fuzzier, and scuzzier.

Chicago-based archival label, The Numero Group, are set to release Acid Nightmares, a double LP of songs that reflect the creeping existential dread of the time and the darker undercurrent forming to psych and prog music around the world.

Named after a track from Portuguese hard rockers Xarhanga that starts with the call "Acid, not meth," the album contains 18 tracks from bands with names like Sunn Cycle, Purple Sun, The Ritual, Mass Tempe, and the Kansas-based Bulbous Creation whose "Hooked" is a psych doom warning about the dangers of drug use and dependance.

Watch the album teaser below.

'Acid Nightmares' is available Sep 22 through Numero Group.