Cam Maclean's "Where I Go" Is a Super Chill Meditation on Death

It's Canada. We never freak out about anything.

Nov 13 2017, 7:30pm

Photo by Sarah O'Driscoll

Thinking about your mortality and your legacy after you die is stressful and uncool, albeit necessary. Montreal singer/songwriter Cam Maclean knows he must one day pass away, but he's not sweating it if his new song "Where I Go" is any proof. Maclean's memento mori takes the form of a gentle folk song with a yacht-rock pulse and foamy synths. It's the musical equivalent of a scene where the mullet-headed action hero cruises confidently along the seaside highway in convertible but he's actually thinking about like, life and such.

"The song has to do with the sentimental ways we reflect on significant losses in our lives, and the way in which music can be the greatest comfort," Maclean tells Noisey. "This song, as with many from my record, speaks to how music can continue to encapsulate the spirit of the people or objects of our affection long after their departure from our lives." Stream "Where I Go" below and be sure to catch Cam at La Vitriola on Saturday as part of M for Montreal.