Alex G Announces New Album, ‘Rocket,’ Shares Two Wildly Different Tracks

"Witch" and "Bobby" precede his seventh LP, out May 19 on Domino.

Mar 2 2017, 4:38pm

Alex G's Beach Music, a mini-masterpiece of lo-fi indie songwriting, only came out in 2015, though it feels like it's been around for far longer. Alexander Giannascoli can tap into melodies that seem obvious after two listens, but only because he's carved out his own space for them and then sung them out with a flawless and fascinating vulnerability. (See his work on Endless and Blonde for proof). Listen back to old albums by Sebadoh or Sunny Day Real Estate or Quasi and you'll find the genesis of Giannascoli's phrases, but you won't find anything quite the same. He borrows indie rock's books, highlights lines, folds the corners on his favorite pages, tears out the ones he really loves, and then writes around the clips.

This morning, Alex G announced the release of his seventh studio LP, Rocket, out May 19 on Domino. He's shared two songs from the record to go with the announcement, "Witch" and "Bobby," both of which you can hear below. They're wildly different from one another—the former is a haunted, harpsichord-driven, half-minimal track; the latter is a country song, replete with gorgeous harmonies and slide violins from the brilliant Emily Yacina.

Listen to both tracks below.

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