M.I.A. Asked Radiohead to Play Meltdown Festival with a Tweet

If it almost works for all Brazilian pop fans, it might just work for her!

Feb 22 2017, 3:06pm

In manner of a fan imploring Britney Spears to "Come to Brazil!!!" it appears that M.I.A. is taking a somewhat hands on approach to her curatorial role at this year's Meltdown festival, which will take place at London's Southbank Centre between 9 to 18 June. Instead of, say, using the enormous press team at her disposal as the event's figurehead, or, you know, having her own management reach out, she tweeted at Radiohead to see if they'd be keen on playing the festival:

Yes, M.I.A. it is a long shot. Radiohead don't tend to play too many live shows these days, it's true. But maybe – and I'm just spitballing here – it might be a little bit less of a long shot if you approached them via an actual booking agent. Maybe even a DM might have been more effective, I don't know, although admittedly it'd be kind of a coup if the band actually took her up on her offer.

The full lineup for Meltdown festival has yet to be released, but let's hope it includes Radiohead when it arrives.

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