PONY Annihilate Post-Breakup Blues In “Alone Tonight” Performance

The Audiotree North live session turns those sappy feelings you once felt into a “wasted dream”

May 2 2018, 3:35pm

This article has been made possible by Audiotree North

Solitude can be exhausting. You become addicted to certain habits formed with loved ones. Toronto’s PONY shows what happens when the love dies in a new and intimate performance of "Alone Tonight." The live session was filmed at Toronto’s Longboat by Audiotree North. Audiotree is a music discovery platform known for producing quality videos like this.The song appears on their second EP, Do You, which was released last year after signing with Buzz Records. Sam Bielanski’s pop-punk vocals hammer home the crushing yet liberating reality of a changed relationship status. The message goes down easy with fuzzy, Pixies-like riffs from the PONY quartet. “When you wake up, I hope you find you were a wasted dream of mine,” Bielanski sings.

“When we recorded this session we were fresh off our first ever tour and the lyrics to this song couldn't be more relevant.” Sam Bielanski wrote to Noisey about the track. “I wrote this song a few years ago and it's still really important for me to prioritize being alone. I think I look at things a bit differently now though, I think I am much more aware of the space that I am also taking up in other people's lives (especially being in a van or a tent with the same people for weeks at a time). No matter how much you may love someone it's always important to check yourself and be aware of how your actions are affecting them. Respect yourself and others and take care of yourself so you can take care of others.”

Devin Pacholik is a writer from Saskatchewan. Follow him on Twitter.