Grounders' "Bringin' It In" Takes Coffee Love to the Highest Level

The Torontonians show that they're willing to do anything for that sweet, sweet java.

Oct 19 2017, 5:00pm

When Tim Horton's announced it was going to be expanding into the States a few years back, we were crushed. Our timeless tradition of coffee was robbed from us. It was no longer special. Who truly understands this loss is Toronto weirdo rockers Grounders, who have elevated the eternal quest for coffee into the annals of a crime epic for their "Bringin' It In" video. You will be jittery with anticipation as this ragtag band attempts to pull off the ultimate bean robbery in Ocean's Eleven style, but not as jittery as you would be after several cups of that caffeine-laden prize.

"The concept for this video started with 'making coffee,' which is something we enjoy doing," the band told Noisey. "Naturally, that derailed and mutated into a Sopranos-esque heist carried out by a club of java maniacs who will stop at NOTHING to get some Griz. We're not really sure what Griz is, but we've had a box of it in our van for a couple years. It has a portrait of a young boy on the front. Pretty cute!" Watch the "Bringin' It In" video above.