Enter the Eerie, Groovin' World of Waxlimbs' New Video "While At the Window"

You still gotta dance even if you're wearing a creepy mask.

When people tell you to "dance like no one's watching," it's usually a corny way to express the more eloquent "DO IT!" Mississauga and Toronto-based experimental electronic duo Waxlimbs have taken the cliche and infused with their unique, gothic aesthetic in their video for "While at the Window." The spare clip finds Waxlimbs vocalist/producer Alex Metcalfe singing and playing piano alone in a house while wearing a mask. As the song's ominously driving chords build to a danceable beat, the video gets more active as well.

"Every aspect of this video contributes to visual and emotional anxiety," says the video's director, Sam Haggart. "Narratively, this video brings to life one of my greatest fears: having no one show up to my tea party. And as you can see, I throw a mean tea party." Watch the "While at the Window" video below.

Phil is a Noisey Canada staff writer. He's on Twitter.