PREMIERE: Elsa's Video for "Never Come Down" Is the Definition of Loneliness

Get ready for some feels from Elsa's new video, which chronicles the wanderer in us all.

Restlessness is palpable in Elsa’s new video for “Never Come Down.” Void of any concrete plot, the video projects a feeling of aimlessness that’s familiar to all. Following the journey of a girl shielded in a puffy, orange jacket, the video depicts a mission of solitude with no final endgame. Off of their upcoming EP of the same name, “Never Come Down” is a brooding track that offers listeners a sense of understanding and relatability. Everybody feels a little lost from time to time, and Elsa’s “Never Come Down” offers listeners a shoulder to lean on.

When asked why the band decided to go with this particular treatment, they had this to say: “The song itself came out of a period of heavy repetition in my life. I was living with a girlfriend who didn't work a typical 9-5pm and wanted to go out every night and it just exhausted me. Everyday and night started to blend together and look the same and the experience began to feel very psychedelic. It also felt quiet and insular although I was never really alone. In the video that feeling is represented with a girl who is being pulled out of her home night after night by something she doesn't understand. She does nothing important, wandering aimlessly and alone, feeling kinda crazy. We wanted it to end the with the same shot it started to reinforce the idea of looping.”