Oakville’s Pop Punk Band Seaway Get Soaked for “Slam” Video

Because is anything more pop-punk than pool parties?

Oct 17 2016, 4:53pm

Ever wanted to see an American Pie party in a music video? Well, Oakville Ontario natives Seaway are premiering a music video for "Slam" that's off their 2015 release Colour Blind. In the video, the Pure Noise Records/New Damage Records band have an over-the-top pool party fully equipped with a tiki bar, slot machines, and a Hugh Hefner style pool with a display glass. Directed by Miguel Barbosa, the video starts off slow with the singers in a bedroom setting until the band eventually finds a pool, that's apparently formerly owned by a mob boss, and the video erupts into the full-fledged party setting as the boys goof around underwater and perform their punchy and infectious pop punk.

"Putting the 'Slam' video together was a different process than any video we've done before," explains Ryan, the singer of Seaway. "If you're unfamiliar with our older stuff, we've generally made our music videos as action packed, off the wall wild as possible. With 'Slam,' we wanted to make the video a bit more mature than what we've done in the past, while still being true to the band." Watch the video below.

Photo by Wyatt Clough.

Byron Yan is a writer based in Toronto. He's on Twitter.