Major "Caye" Alert: The Country of Belize Names An Entire Island After DJ Khaled

Yeah, you better Belize that.

Screenshot via Snapchat

They don't want you to have an island named after yourself, so DJ Khaled is going to do just that. The highly inspirational Snapchatter and DJ gets an island off the coast of Central America named after him. The Belize island is now appropriately named "Major Caye" after Khaled's popularized slogan coined via Snapchat. Now Khaled can document himself walking through the island, admiring its plants and most importantly jet ski around it.

Just think, resorts can have key shaped cutlery wrapped in SPECIAL CLOTHS! and bathrobes that don a "We the Best" crest on the back. And while not nearly as impressive in comparison, Khaled has his own show We The Best Radio that airs on Apple Radio tonight at 8PM.

Byron Yan doesn't know why he still has Khaled on Snapchat. Follow him on Twitter.