Brick Mower’s New Video Perfectly Captures the Feel of 90s Music Videos

And their fuzzy grunge-punk soundtracks it perfectly.

Noisey Staff

Noisey Staff

Photo by Joe Steinhardt

Were music videos of the 90s even real? They felt real. You’d wake up on Saturday morning, flip on re-runs of 120 Minutes, and just zone out for hours, watching dozens of videos where God knows what happened. Sometimes a famous rock star would be driving an ice cream truck. Other times, Alicia Silverstone would be jumping off a bridge. Looking back now, it all seems like the delusions of some sleepy cereal haze. Brick Mower captured the experience perfectly in their new video for “Sad Houses.” First off, it’s set during the daytime in the woods, where all good 90s videos happened. Then we’ve got all the elements of a classic music video: A singer in a flower dress, guys wearing cool alterna-rock shirts, shots of suburbia, someone randomly in a gorilla costume. And on top of it, the band’s guzzy grunge-punk soundtracks it all perfectly. Watch it below in your underwear, but hurry up because you’ve got a long day of playing Street Fighter on SNES.

“Sad Houses” is off of Brick Mower’s album Teenage Graceland, which is out from Don Giovanni Records. Buy it here.