PREMIERE: Blitz//Berlin Wish You a Happy Halloween with Their Creepy "Jesus Shoes" Video

'Tis the season for freaky masks and gasoline fires.

Oct 23 2015, 2:20pm

It's still officially a week from Halloween but to some, the time has already come to unleash their inner freakiness upon the world. Toronto's Blitz//Berlin, acquainted with the supernatural from their work on horror movie soundtracks, are ringing in the season with a new album Distance, and a video for their song "Jesus Shoes." It's an eerie clip that stars the band as masked weirdos stalking another masked weirdo around a typically grey Toronto alleyway. It fits the song's industrial grind to a tee, especially when things literally heat up towards the end.

“I was really inspired by the fall season and the pulsing rhythmic feel of the track,” says director Emma Higgins. "I wanted to create a sort of dark suburban vibe with a bit of a campy fun 80’s -90’s monster squad thing happening. Walking a line between modern twisted and goofy horror camp to create something unique and fresh.”

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Phil Witmer is a writer living in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.