Meg Myers' New Video for "Desire" Is Terrifyingly Beautiful

Get ready for her "Make A Shadow" EP coming soon.

Jan 14 2014, 4:54pm

I just watched "True Detective" the other night on HBO—shouts to Matthew McConaughey you looked stunning—and it scared the shit out of me. Not that I have any idea what's even happening in the show but obviously part of it is about some Bible Belt satan worshippers, or something. So, life has been pretty dark as I've been thinking a lot about the paranormal.

Anyway, when I watched Meg Myers' video for "Desire," it was haunting and pretty relatable—you want someone who's not there; you desire someone who's not there, you get the point. But, because I've been scaring the shit out of myself by watching paranormal docs, I immediately thought, "out of this world ghost sex."

Whatever the intention, the video is simply stunning and Meg's voice embodies so many feelings that it's clear there's a lot going on behind this record. "I want to skin you with my tongue/I'm gonna kill you/I'm gonna lay you in the ground," is just a preview of some of Meg's lyrics on "Desire." Watch the video above, and pre-order her upcoming EP Make A Shadow on iTunes right now.