PREMIERE: VNCHY Stunts in His "Owens"

Listen to Toronto rap at its most flex-heavy.

Nov 6 2015, 3:30pm

The Toronto sound continues to churn out theatrical rap performers who carve out their own personas while still contributing to a cohesive municipal identity of dark bangers. VNCHY's previous EP NEVERLAND: 001A_0315 explored the liminal spaces between 90s industrial and club-ready modern rap, and from the sounds of his new song "Owens", he's pursuing that direction further. The huge hook here recalls T-Wayne's "Nasty Freestyle" but the rappers adds Yeezy-inspired fashion namedrops and a sense of drama in his vocal delivery that's 100 percent Toronto.

"Owens is a certified anthem. A battle cry if you will that evokes the spirit of materialism," says VNCHY on the song, "As much as I do this for my people the intent is very much selfish at the core. It's that selfishness that keeps me up at night...keeps me focused." Stream "Owens" here and plot your next finesse accordingly.

Phil Witmer makes music and writes in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.