Stompdown Killaz Fans Rejoice! Snak the Ripper Has Blessed Us With New Video "From The Dirt"

See Snak in all his chainsaw-swinging, pickup-truck-driving, ski-mask-wearing splendor.

May 27 2016, 6:57pm

From the Dirt. Courtesy of Stealth Bomb Records.

Fanatic followers of Stompdown Killaz (SDK), the world-wide, Canada-made hip-hop movement, have reason to celebrate today, as their figurehead Snak the Ripper dropped a new video. “From the Dirt” is our first grimy taste from the BC-based rapper’s forthcoming From the Dirt album, set for release on June 17. The album, which can be pre-ordered here, will feature artists like Crooked-I, Ill Bill, Outlawz, Merkules, Dope D.O.D., and Jaclyn Gee. The new video by Stuey Kubrick shows Snak brandishing a chainsaw, while ripping through mud pits on the back of a jacked up truck, and wearing his signature SDK ski mask. While Snak is known for his party-hard lifestyle, he gets introspective on this track. Lines like “Junkies out here sharin’ needles/ the life we livin’ is barely legal” and “ I can’t believe I ain’t dead yet” seem to reference his early rap career, when he was homeless and drug addicted.

“A lot of rappers represent their cities, but I don’t,” Snak told us during a phone interview, “I represent all cities, small towns, and dirty patches. I come from the dirt.” Watch the video below.

Devin Pacholik is a chainsaw safety advocate from Saskatchewan. Follow him on Twitter.