Harrison Brome Is Calling for Your Sex on, Well, "Sex Calls"

How many times can we talk about sex? Let's find out.

Jun 27 2016, 3:54pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Harrison Brome has his mind in the gutter, but that's great for us because he sounds more appealing than most of us do when trying to sound sexy. The teenage Vancouverite's new song "Sex Calls" is a great example of that, as Brome navigates a cavernous, sensual beat with aplomb while pouring his heart out, sexily of course. Did we mention this song is about sex?

"'Sex Calls' is about the insecurities that can creep into a new relationship after the last one you were in went to shit," explains Brome. "All the guy in this story wants to do is feel for this girl. He’s put himself in an emotionally vulnerable position in order to take the relationship to the next level. The girl is scared to feel heartbreak again so she keeps on pushing him away, even though deep down she wants to let go and experience the potential of the relationship in front of her." Listen to "Sex Calls" below.

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