PREMIERE: Here's the Video for "How Hard I Try" by Filous

Filous is an 18 year old Austrian producer whose songs and remixes have amassed over eight million plays. Jeez.

Jul 10 2015, 1:38pm

Some ridiculous facts about Austrian producer Filous:

He's only 18 years old, which means he just graduated high school weeks ago. Look, here he is studying for his last exam and that was only at the end of June. Apparently Filous taught himself 20 instruments via YouTube tutorial, and without access to production software or stems from artists, his first remixes were created by playing instruments over audio he found on the site. What? That's bananas. Especially when you consider that his remixes of RAC, Jose Gonzalez, Kodaline, and many more have amassed over eight million plays on Soundcloud.

Did you note this guy is 18?! Anyway, “How Hard I Try” featuring James Hersey on vocals is his first ever original track and it's already had 1.6 million plays in a month. It's also his seventh track to top the Hype Machine charts (ah! Hype Machine!).

Anyway, all these impressive stats aside, this track is an emotional tune, that finds Hersey gazing back at life, and in particular, a relationship through rosey tinted lenses. There's an essential melancholy in his voice, despite the skippy beat and guitar ripples, meanwhile visually, the two dancers dip and jump, come together and pull apart. Quite beautiful really. Filous is clearly a precocius talent—one to watch and all that.

Filous's debut EP, Dawn, is out on 7.17.