Daydream Amid The Flowers, For a Couple of Hours in Blocktreat's "Follow Your Stupid Heart"

Let's all stop being productive and stare out into the universe instead.

Sarah MacDonald

Sarah MacDonald

Photo by Sam Tudor

British Columbia’s Brandon Hoffman of electro-folk outfit Blocktreat understands the luxury and benefit of getting lost in your thoughts and daydreaming AND explores this idea on the soft and hazy vocal-less track, “Follow Your Stupid Heart.” This song feels purposeful: listening to something pleasant and purely instrumental lures the listener to explore the inside of their own mind or dreams. The song title, from Blocktreat's recently released record, Exciting New Ventures In Fucking Up, is far more direct than the video. We're taken through a series of images featuring a woman walking around urban and densely forested places, which is meant to mimic what daydreaming could look like.

“To be stuck in one’s head is to be called a daydreamer, but I sometimes find that my internal loops and twists can feel more tangible than the physical world we inhabit,” said director Sam Tudor about the video’s concept. “’Follow Your Stupid Heart’ explores our distinction between internal and external. The girl in the video has two states of being. Although she is only “real” in one of them, she is alive in another. In this sense, every person is like a factory for thousands of worlds.” Watch the video below and get lost in your thoughts.

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