Remembering Things

WHY? Look Back on 10 Years of ‘Alopecia,’ Their Beloved Accident

Four days on tour with Yoni Wolf and co., reflecting on the boundary pushing art-rap-rock(?) record that made them stars of a certain scene.
Will Schube
Deep Ass Questions

Why Do Australians Love The Wombats So Much? An Investigation

We headed down to the band's sold out Melbourne show to ask fans: LITERALLY WHY?
Shaad D’Souza
But Why

A 65-Year-Old Woman in Florida Sent Me an Email About How 'Rap Is Bad'

So I interviewed her about it?????
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Yung Lean, Why Are You Always in the Forest?

The Swedish rapper and frequent collaborator Bladee have released a video for “Lordship” and they're out in the wilderness again.
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Some Questions About This Video of Miguel Having Sex with the Air

I just want to talk.
Lauren O'Neill
What In God's Name Is Happening

Might As Well Watch This Video of Voldemort Doing Metalcore Cabaret, Hey

I don't fucking know just do it.
Issy Beech
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

In News You Care About, Watch Taylor Swift and Nelly Sing "Dilemma" in the Hamptons

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we'd witness this...again.
Sarah MacDonald
Internet Exploring

C'mon Dudes, PARTYNEXTDOOR Isn't Actually Lying About His Age

This is dumb.
Phil Witmer

Why Has This Man Dedicated His Entire Life to Going to Gigs?

Later this year, Jim McDermott will attend his 1,000th gig. That's approximately $40,000 and 2,000 beers. So, we called him up to chat about it.

Hey Creeps! A Piece of David Bowie's Hair Is Up for Auction

Nothing is sacred. Ever.
Daisy Jones
the worst things of all time

Watch This Shitty Canadian Politician in a Shitty Political Rap Video That's Shitty

It's like a one-man Canadian version of 'Hamilton' but bad. Like, REALLY bad... and shitty.
the worst things of all time

Who Thought Adding Blackface to a Bob Marley Snapchat Filter Would End Well?

This certainly qualifies as 2016's worst pothead move.
Daisy Jones