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Nicki Minaj Used Queen Radio to Talk About Cardi B and Her Shoe

Funk Flex DJ sets! Drake/Meek talk! All in a day's work for Apple Music's new shock jock!
Jabbari Weekes
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Kanye West Still Thinks the TMZ Interview Was "Beautiful"

In a lengthy New York Times piece, published this morning, West is candid about his mental health, his writing process, and last month's infamous TMZ studio appearance.
Alex Robert Ross
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The Extended Cut of Kanye West's TMZ Interview Is Hard to Watch

There's more footage of West shouting towards the TMZ newsroom, and more thoughts from Van Lathan, whose eloquent response to West's comments stood out in a shorter clip yesterday.
Alex Robert Ross
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Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Is Dead at 41

Bennington is said to have taken his own life.
Noisey Staff
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Kanye West Reportedly Splits From Tidal, Claims He’s Owed $3 Million

According to TMZ, Tidal has threatened to sue West if he does jump ship. West has threatened to countersue if that happens.
Alex Robert Ross

Hotline Bling Ring: Someone Jacked $3 Million Worth of Jewellery From Drake’s Tour Van

Drake's van got hotline blinged.
Noisey Staff
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Ray J's Manager, Wack 100, Responds to Kanye West's "Famous" Video Like a Real Dick

"If they didn't show Ray J with his dick in Kim Kardashian's mouth, then tell Kanye to go back and reshoot that shit."
Larry Fitzmaurice
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See Ya L8er Boi: Avril Lavigne and The Nickelback Man Broke Up

RIP in peace Chavril.
John Hill
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Here Are the Real, Definitely Not Fake Untouched Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Photos

People are saying his photos were Photoshopped. But we've got the *REAL* original pictures.
Noisey Staff
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Justin Bieber: Destined to Lose His Goddamn Mind

The internet made him. The internet will destroy him.
Dan Ozzi
Eric Sundermann
Drew Millard

We Reviewed The Guy Who Confronted Kanye West and Rapped in his Face

Over the weekend an unknown rapper found Kanye West and started rapping to him on the street.
Who did it Better

Who Has The Best Deposition Video: Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne?

“I was detrimental to my own career” - Justin Bieber.
Ryan Bassil