Look: I Know Nothing About Yo La Tengo But You Probably Should

Their discography is daunting, they’re for nerds, they’re for you when you’re in your late twenties, and probably will be for years in the future.
Ryan Bassil
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Living Among the Monsters at Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency

On a night when even a power outage couldn't stop her, what impressed us most were the moments Gaga stripped back the neon, sitting alone at the piano.
Dan Gentile
Way Out West

At Splendour In The Grass, Boys Will Be Boys and Capitalism Will Be Capitalism

Splendour 2018 represented the best of our current cultural shift in acts like Stella Donnelly, Lorde and Kendrick Lamar. At times, it also represented the worst.
Sam West
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on Jon Hassell's "Anxiety-Easing, Life-Enhancing" New LP

The Dean of American Rock Critics reviews Hassell's 'Listening to Pictures,' Jon Hopkins's 'Immunity' and 'Singularity,' and Jlin's 'Black Origami.'
Robert Christgau

Arctic Monkeys Are Done Being Rock Music’s Saviours

The grimy Sheffield romantics are back with an album that’s insular, moody, and straight-up weird. There are no singles on ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, but that’s part of the appeal.
Shaad D’Souza
coachella 2018

We Are All Dead Inside, Just Like The Weeknd

His headlining Coachella set proved the darkness is certainly real, but the deeper meaning remains questionable.
Jeff Weiss
Major Keys

Lil Yachty Still Can't Escape the Innocent, Innovative Sound of 'Lil Boat'

'Lil Boat 2' finds the young Atlanta rapper largely succeeding at making minor-key trap, but perhaps he was more refreshing rapping over happier video game samples.
Phil Witmer

A View From the Edge of the World: A Dark Mofo Review

From Mogwai to Juliana Huxtable, A.B. Original to Einsturzende Neubauten.
Shaad D’Souza

Drake’s ‘More Life’ Is an Undeniable, Lovable Global Smash

Diaspora Drake is the best Drake—and also the most natural.
Amani Bin Shikhan
New Zealand Hip-Hop Week

NOISEY’s 10 Best New Zealand Hip-Hop Tracks of All Time

Of all the quality hip-hop that has sprung from New Zealand, here are our favourite tracks.
Noisey Staff

A Review of 'Fever to Tell,' 13 Years Later

From behind the sun-cracked vinyl dashboard of a shitty first car that I'd drive until it died, Yeah Yeah Yeahs came from a distant fantasy.
Steph Kretowicz

Heems and Riz MC Are Telling Unapologetically South Asian Stories You Need to Hear

With 'Cashmere,' Swet Shop Boys use Bollywood samples, poems in Urdu and their messy lives to explore their brownness.
Kamna Muddagouni