The Noisey Advent Calendar

In Praise of Sufjan Stevens! A Christmas Enthusiast! (or, Holy, Holy, etc.)

His holistic approach to the holidays spawned 100 Christmas songs in a decade. At least one of them is among the best pieces he's ever recorded.
Alex Robert Ross

Twin Temple’s Satanic Doo-Wop Is Feminist as Fuck

Watch the NSFW new video for "Sex Magick" and find out what makes these rock 'n' roll-loving, justice-seeking Satanic witches tick.
Kim Kelly
Longreads Or Whatever

On the Run: The Temper Trap's Dougy Mandagi Is Still Searching

We join the band on the brink of disaster in Bali and find the legacy of Dougy's fractured childhood still cuts deep.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokno Wants to Make Pussy Dangerous Again

We spoke with the iron-willed Russian activist and musician about prison reform, the dangers of a Trump presidency, and vagina power.
Kim Kelly

Wovenhand's David Eugene Edwards Dwells in the Stars, Between the Sacred and the Profane

Stream 'Star Treatment,' the celestially heavy new album from these iconoclastic "Gothic Country" devotees.
Shawn Haché

SubRosa's Rebecca Vernon Speaks Out About Her Mormon Faith and Support for LGBTQI Rights

Stream the new album, For This We Fought the Battle of Ages, and read an emotionally intense interview with guitarist/vocalist Vernon.
Louise Brown

Frank Ocean Has Reflected on the Orlando Shooting, Transphobia, and Homophobia in a New Post

“Many hate us and wish we didn’t exist.”
Noisey Staff

He Hears Either Way: Julien Baker Is Writing a New Gospel for Broken Hearts

There are no sets, no backup singers, just a girl, her guitar, and the weight of crosses the Memphis singer-guitarist seems too young to bear.
Rebecca Haithcoat
The Biebreakdown

Religious Spoken Word and Hits Galore: We Heard Justin Bieber's Album Already

On 'Purpose' Bieber might have found total sonic innovation.
Sam Wolfson
Deep Ass Questions

I Went Door to Door to Find Out If Music is Harder to Sell Than Religion

I learned all I could from a group of Jehovah's Witnesses, and then took my battle to the streets of South London armed with nothing but the Carly Rae Jepsen album.
Oobah Butler