Public Enemy

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Public Enemy Meant Everything to a Generation of Angsty Teens

Preview an excerpt from writer and critic Juan Vidal’s new book 'Rap Dad: A Story of Family and the Subculture That Shaped a Generation.'
Juan Vidal
Future Days

Rap Rock Is Actually Awesome and We Have Public Enemy to Thank for It

Last week, Public Enemy released their 14th album as a free download. We trace the group's impact, from 90s grunge to nü-metal and everything in between.
Drew Millard
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Uncut 2013 Kanye Interview Feels Like It's From a Lifetime Ago

He talks Wu Tang, Biggie, J Dilla and more in a full version that's just surfaced.
Lauren O'Neill

Prophets Of Rage’s Gig Inside A Californian Prison Was Cancelled, So They Played Outside Instead

"The barbed wire cannot keep the music out; the barbed wire cannot keep the message out," said the band's Tom Morello
Noisey Staff
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This Horrible Trump Thing: Inside Prophets of Rage's Battle at the RNC

In an interview before their set, the supergroup told us they got together to be an alternative voice in angry year. But how clearly could that voice be heard in the middle of the chaos in Cleveland?
Alex Robert Ross

Meet the Artists Shifting Australia's Rap Scene Away From Skip-Hop

Acts such as Baro, Briggs, Sampa the Great and Remi are part of an exciting new force in Australian hip-hop.
Hannah Joyner
Noisey News

Rage Against the Machine Are Doing Something Cryptic (Maybe with Chuck D?)

There's a website with a countdown and we don't really know what to do.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Public Enemy to Roast Brooklyn Gentrifiers in "Do the White Thing"

Bonus: Flavor Flav rides a hoverboard.
Craig Jenkins
the evolution of

The Twisting and Industrial Evolution of... Noise-Hop

Tracing a path from 80s New York all the way to 'Yeezus', via the invaluable contributions of Public Enemy, Death Grips, Dalek and more.

Karen’s Story: From ‘Nevermind’ to Tree Spiking

We catch up with one of the stars of the Government kit which linked alternative music and left-wing student politics to violent extremism.
Noisey Staff
brief histories

A Brief History of Musicians Boycotting Places

Wilco are refusing to play Indiana. But they're not the first act to invoke the power of the boycott.
Mike Campbell
2014 in Review

Best of Noisey 2014: Russell Simmons X Rick Rubin On the Birth of Def Jam Recordings

The unmissable story of Def Jam, as told by their two founders!
Noisey Staff