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Andre 3000 Releases Two New Songs in Honor of His Mother

On both tracks, “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)” and the 17-minute “Look Ma No Hands,” the rapper plays bass clarinet.
Noisey Staff

No One Sees Rap Like Photographer Brian Cross

See photos from 'Ghost Notes: Music of the Unplayed,' featuring Outkast, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Quik, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and more.
Max Bell
brief histories

A Brief History of Artists Rapping About Poop

A lot of rappers talk about "dropping shit," but not all of them mean it literally. Join us as we analyze them, from Big Boi to Biggie.
Phillip Mlynar

Gucci Mane Says He Recorded Music for Outkast

Return of the G, indeed.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Please Andre 3000, I'm Begging You to Release a Solo Album

If a tweet from Chris Rock is to be believed, 3 Stacks might finally be on his way to save hip-hop from the gutter-end of Soundcloud wave rap with his consummate verse structures.
Ryan Bassil

Don't Sleep on 808INK, the UK Rap Crew Who Are Fiercer Than Odd Future

The three-piece aren’t grime, they don't make stereotypical UK hip hop, and they don't sound American. But they are the most exciting rap crew to emerge from Britain in some time.
Ryan Bassil

Mr. President: A Conversation with LA Reid

We sit down to talk with the record executive who signed artists like TLC, Outkast, Usher, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna about his new book 'Sing To Me'
Kyle Kramer
Internet Exploring

Andre 3000 Says He Loves the New Kid Cudi Album and Wants to Write More Music

"I've been holding back for a long time."
John Hill
Holy Shit

Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 Reunite and Open Our Chakras on "Hello"

Andre 3000! Rapping! On a new track! On a new Erykah Badu mixtape! What a time to be alive!
Noisey Staff
Internet Exploring

Someone Has Made 38 Hours of Playlists That Trace the Evolution of Hip-Hop

And you can listen to it for free.
Joe Zadeh

Danny Clinch Knows How to Photograph Your Favorite Rapper

See some select photos from the photographer's new book 'Danny Clinch: Still Moving.'
Noisey Staff
Style Stage

We Talked to the Designer of 'Jimi: All Is by My Side,' Starring André 3000

Focusing on one year in Hendrix's, this long-awaited biopic takes a look at the artist's rise to fame and acclaim, and the demons that haunted him.
Mathias Rosenzweig