Deep Ass Questions

What Is the Millennial "Stairway to Heaven?" A Battle Royale

Is it Kanye? Coldplay? Could it be... Keane?
Phil Witmer
Noisey News

Josh Homme Allegedly Kicked a Female Photographer In the Head

Disturbing footage has emerged of the QOTSA frontman booting a front row photographer during a show.
Lauren O'Neill

Survey On Sex at Festivals Reveals That People Are Boinking to All the Wrong Things

Who is sexing to Muse? Why? Wait, I don't want the answer.
Alex Robert Ross
The Greatest Things Of All Time

A Tribute to Muse, the Band That Mounts the World

An entirely unprompted celebration of the band that does rock music the best because they do it the dumbest.
Phil Witmer
the worst things of all time

Muse's Big Dumb Blimp Drone Crashed into Their Poor Fans at a Show

Thankfully, nobody was physically harmed.
John Hill
Who Actually Listens To...

Who the Hell Actually Listens to Muse?

I went to meet the legions of Supermassive Musers to find out why the melodramatic Devon prog-rockers seem to have become Britain's perennial headliner.
Daisy Jones
the worst things of all time

Nine Bands We'd Like To Never Headline A Festival Again

They've had their time. Let's start 2016 different to how we've started the last fifteen years.
Noisey Staff
Festivals 2015

We Sent the Worst Guy In Our Office to Download Festival

He didn't really mind all the surveillance, because he has no morals.

What's It like to Be a Jobbing Actor in the World of Major Music Videos?

From being buried alive by Spike Jonze to learning kung fu in Romania, five unsung stars tell their stories.
Lucas Fothergill

We Should All Be Able to Judge an Album by Its Cover

Cover art matters if you want your album to stick around.

Every Influence Your Shitty Band Isn't Allowed To Have Anymore

So you've read 'A Clockwork Orange' and listened to Joy Division. How unique of you.
New music

Muse vs The Killers: TRAILER WARS!

Every band and their dog are releasing teaser trailers, but who's got the best?