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Dr. Luke Still Casts A Shadow Over Kim Petras’ Success

The Charli XCX collaborator was nominated for a GLAAD award. But should organisations like GLAAD be honouring artists who work with alleged abusers?
Shaad D’Souza

The World Needs Troye Sivan's Queer Love Songs

The 23-year-old Australian makes universal pop that looks queer listeners directly in the eye. With his sophomore album 'Bloom', Sivan is ready to step into a new realm of pop stardom.
Shaad D’Souza
Thinking Too Hard

Ms. Boogie's Transition Is Bigger Than Rap

With more queer and trans representation in popular culture than ever, the Brooklyn rapper's story is one that the hip-hop world needs to see.
Myles E. Johnson
Obsessive Tendencies

Queer Women Ruled Pop This Year

St. Vincent, Torres, MUNA, Syd, Kehlani and loads of others gave me something to relate to in 2017.
Daisy Jones
Noisey News

A Metal Singer Is Now the First Openly Transgender US State Lawmaker

Danica Roem represents progress, and it sounds like thrash.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey Guides

The Noisey Guide to Staying Safe as a Non-Cisgender Person in Music

Prioritizing the safety of trans, non-binary, and additional marginalized people in music scenes has and always will be crucial.
VICE Staff

Back to Basics With Beth Ditto

The former Gossip frontwoman's first solo LP, 'Fake Sugar,' is out Friday.
Nick Levine

Lights! Cameras! Azerbaijan! How I Lost My Life to the Eurovision Song Contest

When I left Harvard with a degree in experimental psychology eleven years ago, I had no plans to sacrifice my career, marriage, and sanity to the Eurovision Song Contest.
William Lee Adams

Lipstick, Bros, and the Grateful Dead: A Conversation with Nick Monaco

Recorded at a studio owned by Bob Weir, Monaco's new LP 'Half Naked' finds the club kid leaning into complex, guitar-tinged pop—with achingly beautiful and unabashedly sexy results.
Katie Bain

Much More Than a DIY Haven, The Smell Is One of LA’s Most Queer-Friendly Spaces

The DIY institution's impending closure could mean the loss of a safe space for young people still grappling with their sexualities.
Artemis Thomas-Hansard

Country Storyteller Brandy Clark's Big Small Town Dreams Are Coming True

Her latest album, 'Big Day in a Small Town,' is a modern country triumph that celebrates flaws and mines vulnerabilities.
Dacey Orr

He Hears Either Way: Julien Baker Is Writing a New Gospel for Broken Hearts

There are no sets, no backup singers, just a girl, her guitar, and the weight of crosses the Memphis singer-guitarist seems too young to bear.
Rebecca Haithcoat