What Getting Taylor Swift "In Her Own Words" Really Means

As magazines reinvent the format of the celebrity profile, they spark questions about how much truth their audience is actually getting from today's biggest artists.
Kate Dries

Meet the Hero Teen Determined to Convince Weezer to Cover Toto’s “Africa”

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do to stop her from getting Weezer to cover this song.
Luke O'Neil
Czyny wielce heroiczne

I Was Supposed to See Timbaland in Las Vegas but Spent $10,000 on Dune Buggies and Steak Instead

"I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late." - me to my wallet
Devin Pacholik

This is My Reality as a Woman Music Journalist

Looking back, I realize that I’ve accepted inappropriate behavior from male subjects and disregard from male editors because I was just grateful to be there in the first place.
Lina Lecaro
Internet Exploring

Jack White Defends TIDAL: “Vinyl in the Bedroom, Baby”

White answered some very hard-hitting questions from fans. Things got TENSE.
Dan Ozzi

The One Person Young Thug Follows on Instagram Tried to Fly Me to Dubai In Exchange for Sex

Turns out the one guy Young Thug deems worthy of an Instagram follow is a raging perv.
Meher Ahmad

The Baltic Way - Dirty Deal Audio in Latvia

Welcome to the weird and wild world of Latvian electro.

What Ever Happened to the Best Music Writing Series?

A Kickstarter to release a 2012 edition of Best Music Writing was successfully crowd-funded with $17,000. So why did it never come out?
Holy Shit

We Got a Quote from Lil Wayne About Kanye West's Company DONDA Making His Cover Art

DONDA is still a team of Kanye West, architects, graphic designers, directors, musicians, A&R's, writers, publicists, social media experts, app guys, managers, car designers, clothing designers, DJ's, video game designers, publishers, tech guys, lawyers,
Drew Millard